Emotional Intelligence, Quantum Thinking, Mindfulness Meditation and NLP Workshop

Join us for a transformative two days of exploration and self-discovery at this Emotional Intelligence, Quantum Thinking, Mindfulness Meditation & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Workshop.

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Investment: Early Bird Ticket Price - Only £297.00.

Includes: Mid-morning and mid-afternoon teas and coffees, buffet lunch, course notes, certification, post course resources.

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Join us for a transformative two days of exploration and self-discovery at this Emotional Intelligence, Quantum Thinking, Mindfulness Meditation & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Workshop. This in-person event will take place on (dates to be advised).

This event can open your mind up to the limitless possibilities that exist, because everything you need already exists inside of you - and this event will help your realise that so that you can affect your reality to create a life of meaning and purpose.

A recent Forbes headline has stated that "Emotional Intelligence No.1 Leadership Skill For 2024, Says Research".

The Forbes article states that: "If there's one thing that all of the most effective leaders and high-performing professionals have in common, and that anyone moving into 2024 needs to prioritize on their professional development radar, it's possessing high levels of EQ (emotional intelligence)."

The Forbes article goes on to state that: "According to the Word Economic Forum's Future of Jobs 2023 report, qualities associated with emotional intelligence such as resilience, curiosity, lifelong learning, motivation, and self-awareness, are highly prized by businesses and will continue to be so for the next few years."

According to the Forbes article, the Word Economic Forum's Future of Jobs 2023 report also states that: "evidence that businesses emphasize the importance of resilient and reflective workers embracing a culture of lifelong learning ...."

And a Lee Hecht Harrison Penna survey conducted in 2019 revealed that out of 500 people managers, an estimated 75% use emotional intelligence levels as a criteria for considering a team member for a promotion or salary increase.

So emotional intelligence is something worth cultivating if you are looking to get on and achieve more in life.

But, if that is the case we then have to ask ourselves whether that type of motivation actually counter-intuitive to what emotional intelligence truly is?

So, What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence, as described by Daniel Goleman in his book 'Emotional Intelligence', refers to the ability to recognize, understand, manage, and effectively use one's own emotions as well as the emotions of others.

It involves being aware of and responsive to emotions in ourselves and those around us, influencing our behavior and interactions positively.

What's important to understand is that Daniel Goleman's concept of "managing the emotions of others" in the context of emotional intelligence is not about control or manipulation in a negative sense.

It doesn't imply manipulating or coercing others into feeling a certain way.Instead, it refers to the ability to understand, influence, and positively impact the emotional states of those around you in a constructive and ethical manner.

But this isn't something new.

It is something that seems to have been forgotten or misunderstood as a weakness in the western worlds desire for success based on power, position, money and material gain.

Buddhism and Emotional Intelligence

In Buddhism, the concept of intelligence is often associated with dualistic thinking.

And this form of intelligence is considered limited because it operates within the framework of conceptual distinctions, judgments, and attachments to personal views.

The idea is that ordinary intelligence, while valuable for navigating everyday life, can also be a source of suffering as it creates attachments to personal views.

Therefore, to become truly wise, one must go beyond the limitations of ordinary intelligence and cultivate a deeper, non-conceptual understanding of reality.

This process often involves practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and the development of insight into the concepts of 'Emptiness' and 'Impermanence'.

On my own personal and professional journey, I have learned that the Buddhist concepts of 'Letting go, 'Emptiness', and 'Impermanence' can significantly contribute to the development of emotional intelligence by providing valuable perspectives on the nature of emotions and the human experience, such as:

Letting go - Allowing emotions to arise and pass without becoming overly attached or controlled by them;

Emptiness - the ability to see emotions as transient and not fixed aspects of the self;

Impermanence - the understanding that all things, including emotions, are in a constant state of flux and change, which encourages individuals to accept the impermanent nature of feelings and situations and to avoid getting stuck in negative emotions or resisting inevitable changes.

In summary, the Buddhist precepts of letting go, emptiness, and impermanence provide a profound framework for enhancing emotional intelligence.

By incorporating these concepts into one's mindset and practices, you can develop a more balanced, resilient, and adaptive approach to your emotions and interpersonal interactions.

Why Attend This Day?

Led by Mark Dawes with other guest experienced speaker, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to tap into your inner wisdom and enhance your overall well-being.

Join us for a transformative two days of exploration and self-discovery at this Emotional Intelligence, Quantum Thinking, Mindfulness Meditation & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Workshop.

✅ Throughout the day, you'll learn practical techniques to quiet the mind, cultivate presence, and embrace the power of the present moment.

✅ This event will also dispel many of the myths and misconceptions about meditation and you’ll also be taught how anyone can meditate anywhere at any time.

✅ You’ll learn specific meditation techniques for healing, one being a technique a monk used to heal himself from gangrene.

✅ You’ll also hear about how someone healed himself from cancer and how another healed himself from what the doctors referred to as an ‘incurable disease’ that they didn’t have a solution for. In fact at one point the doctor told his wife that he probably wouldn’t make it through the night.

✅ This person now is completely cured and he puts it down to how he used the power of his mind to heal himself, when conventional medicine couldn’t.

✅ What makes this unique workshop special is that it brings together ancient wisdom with modern science that proves many of the ancient concepts that will be discussed during the weekend.

✅ You'll also learn about the true nature of 'Emptiness' (ultimate truth) as well as 'Impermanence' and 'Interbeing'.

✅ You'll be able to engage in interactive exercises, guided meditations, NLP interventions and thought-provoking discussions, all designed to expand your awareness and unlock your full potential.

✅ This course has been measured against the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) Stress Management Standards toolkit, with very positive results!

✅ This course has been tried and tested in Corporate environments - two Probation Service areas and Tesco's - with very positive feedback.

✅ You will also get a lot of resources post course too (which is probably worth more than the cost of the course itself).

Discover how this unique two-day workshop can revolutionize your perspective, enabling you to approach challenges with a fresh mindset and embrace new possibilities.

What's Included in Your Investment in this Event

Please note that your investment on this event includes two-days training, teas, coffees and refreshments and a two-course buffet lunch on each day. It doesn't include accommodation but the venue offers accommodation at preferential rates for those attending the event and there are also lots of other hotels etc., in the vicinity too.

Why This Event Is So Important

Stress Costs UK Employers £58 Billion a Year

This in turn has a direct impact on our country’s productivity with stress alone - as I reported in a blog post on the 29th November - is also on the increase costing UK employers £58 Billion a year - https://nfps.info/stress-costs-uk-employers-up-to-56-billion-pounds-a-year/  

In a ‘Working Minds’ Podcast with Professor Cary Cooper, Professor Cooper stated: “I think, aside from anything else, our productivity per capita is pretty damn poor. We're set bottom of the G7 on productivity per capita, tied with Italy. And we're 17th in the G20 on productivity per capita. So it's not just the health of employees, but it's about our nation.”

This Event Is a Great Return On Investment

In the same Podcast, HSE chair Sarah Newton said: "For every £1 an organisations spends they get it back 4 or 5 times for companies that really invest in the health and wellbeing of their staff." 

Therefore, if employers were to invest more in the health and well-being of their staff, the return on that investment makes the cost of any investment redundant due to the increased productivity that will come as a result.

The Corporate Feedback

The following is feedback from some Quantum Thinking/Personal Change Management Training that I delivered for two Probation Service areas some years ago, that was measured against the Health & Safety Executive’s Stress Management Standards Survey Questionnaire.

Quantum Thinking/Personal Change Management Training Review & Feedback Training for Probation Service Management & Staff

Please note that the feedback for Probation Service Area 1 was independently collated and assessed by the Director of Health and Safety for that Service area.

They have not been manipulated or amended by us and so represent an independent measure of the courses effectiveness by the commissioning Service area.

Probation Service Area 1

In Probation Service Area 1 it was also decided to use the HSE stress management standards survey questionnaire as a way of monitoring the impact of the training on the delegate’s perceptions of personal stress levels.

The HSE survey questionnaire consists of 35 questions that gauge stress levels against the HSE stress management standard areas.

Delegates were required to complete the survey questionnaire before the course and again at the end of the course.

The results were analysed using the HSE analysis tool and the results are presented in the table below:


7 courses have so far been provided, attended by 76 managers.

The course was monitored by an end of course evaluation sheet which showed extremely positive feedback from those attending (see Appendix 1 for a detailed analysis).

Table 3 HSE Stress Management Standard Results For Delegates

“The results showed a discernible improvement in the delegates feeling of stress with levels improving in all but one of the categories and in 2 categories the combined rating moved from red to amber status. In addition the tool identified that before the course 16 delegates felt they were bullied sometimes, always or often, where as after the course only half this number 8, continued to feel they were being bullied sometimes, always or often.

Head of Health and Safety – 31/3/08"

Using the HSE survey results for before and after there is a discernible shift in the results as a group.

For all bar one of the stress management categories the results improved.

Also perhaps more importantly, before the course 4 of the standards were in the red “urgent action” zone whereas after only 2 were in the red zone.

"One other interesting factor is that the tool identifies those reporting that they are subjected to bullying ‘always, often or sometimes’ and before the course 6 responses were flagged as being in this category whereas again after the course only 3 were still indicating they were in this category." - Director of Health and Safety

Personal email to the Director of Health and Safety

In addition to the above quantified feedback and delegate comments the following e-mail was sent to the Director of Health and Safety from one of the individuals who attended one of the courses in this probation service region:

“Hi Xxxx,Feedback has been positive, and thanks for agreeing to have my team on the training course. My staff informed me that it was very useful + helpful. When I resumed here, as you may be aware, the team was doing very poorly and morale was very low. Most members remarked that they had grown to be “defensive, anxious, subscribed to the culture of negativity” and majority were considering leaving. However, after undertaking the training course, staff became more able to challenge their negative feelings, became more responsible for their work and actually put in effort to overturn our shortcomings in terms of performance.

The team now experiences good health, staff feel comfortable to express views within a safe environment and our performance has greatly improved. I am personally enjoying work and as I said to you I love my team because of their ability to make use of such opportunity.

Once again, thanks and I would recommend the course for all staff.” 

“Hi XxxxxAfter Monday’s really excellent, thought-provoking course, I just wanted to give you some feedback now that all the information has had time to sink in.

The positive effects already for me are that I have changed three long-ingrained personal habits (in fact one was virtually an OCD issue). I’ve been regularly doing the breathing exercise at various intervals each day.

In terms of my own learning, the key things were the Breathing Exercise; the effects of words on water ie on us (largely being made of water); telling people what they can do, not what they can’t do; that happiness has a beneficial effect on the body; visualisation, re-framing bad memories etc. I also found the discussions about the brain fascinating, particularly the pharmaceutical production centre (hypothalamus) and how we become addicted to our emotions.

Having just completed the Post-Graduate Diploma in Change Management, I have to say that this was the perfect sort of course for me.

Many thanks.”

Probation Service Area 2

Please note that the feedback for Probation Service Area 2 was independently collated and assessed by the Human Resources and Training Manager for that Service area. The following comments have not been manipulated or amended by us and so represent an independent measure of the course’s effectiveness by the commissioning Service area.

“We commissioned a rolling programme of Personal Change Management. This was part of our action plan to address sickness absence and in particular stress-related absence in a proactive way.  15 sessions have been run to date attended by 215 members of staff. Managers were actively encouraged to try to ensure staff who had raised concerns over stress were encouraged to attend. Positive feedback was received from a number of those attending in terms of how their perceptions and reactions to change/stressful situations had been altered and how they felt empowered to deal with this. What was particularly pleasing was the number of unsolicited comments from individuals regarding the impact the day had made on them both on a personal and professional level.” - HR & Training Manager, Probation Service.

A copy of a few of the ‘unsolicited emails’ received are as follows:

“I attended the above course yesterday and I wanted to let you know that it was one of the best courses I’ve been on and I for one will definitely benefit from it. I do think though that it should be mandatory for all staff.

The principle of the course was to show that we are all responsible for our own thoughts and feelings and to blame outside “forces”( e.g. the Service) for being in a stressed out state means we’re not managing ourselves – rather simplistic way of putting it but you get the drift!!

Anyway, as we only completed the questionnaire provided by the company who is running the course (rather than the Service’s in-house one), I thought it important to contact you and share my views. I know the rest of my colleagues in yesterday’s group also felt it would benefit a lot of staff at all levels if this course was made mandatory.

I just wanted to let you know that C has been singing the praises of the training yesterday. If you know C you will know that in itself is an achievement! Both her and H are of the opinion that this is the best training the service has ever put on, and that everyone should attend.

I have already given the course rave reviews to all and sundry at the Blackpool office.

My main comment being that I can’t believe the service shelled out the cash for such a worthwhile course and professional consultant!!” [Name and contact details withheld]

“First of all – a big “Thanks” for the Personal Change Management course I attended yesterday.  At the end of the session I was chatting to Mark Dawes the trainer …  I found Mark as a person and a trainer was extremely interesting, helpful, inspiring and the material that he presented was so motivational.” [Name and contact details withheld]

“Hi MarkJust a quick email to thank you again for a fantastic day yesterday – like I said, I know I’m a bit of an enthusiast and was ready for finding out about NLP anyway, but even if I hadn’t been it would have been a great day and quite inspiring.

I bounced home, cuddled my youngest (tactile and emotional), talked to my middle son (verbal and analytical), and showed my daughter the diagrams I’d sketched on your handouts (visual). I tried to convey my excitement about what we’d discussed during the day, but they need to experience it for themselves, so it’ll be in the practice of it in daily life that we’ll see any changes.

Me changing some of my language will make a difference and I just have to make sure I slow down enough to allow my awareness of situations to catch up and give me the space to choose words – does that make sense?

Thanks too for speaking to me about the children, especially xxx who is so passionate about things and finds life harder than his brother and sister. The hugging is helping, tho he’s looking at me a bit weird cos it’s out of character.

I also enthused to one of the rugby coaches who thinks that some kind of motivational NLP style session would be really interesting, and I plan to get in touch with the secretary of the club to see if anything could be arranged.

Thanks so much for considering it as a possibility in the future. I’ll let you know if other people are as enthusiastic about it as I am.” [Name and contact details withheld]

The following email is from a woman who was extremely nervous about giving a presentation to the Service’s Board members. I personally spent an extra hour working with her after the course to help her. Her e-mail post the course is below:

“Hiya Mark

Just to fill you in – I was one of the women you worked with after the Personal Change Management Course (Probation Service) on 24th October in Preston.  I haven’t yet done a presentation but I had to feedback to our Chief Officer, Board Members and some of our senior management team on some research I had undertaken. I just wanted you to know that I didn’t feel one bit nervous!! 

A massive development for me! I have also since passed on the course information to my dad, who can be a very negative thinker and he has started to look at things more positively and said “it’s been like a breath of fresh air.

Thanks for all your advice – definitely a life changing course which I would love to do again.” - [Name and contact details withheld]

The following is a copy of a letter received from one delegate who attended one of the open courses that we ran:

“Dear Mark,I am writing for two reasons, firstly to thank you for a superb seminar on Quantum Thinking, but also to let you know the positive effect the day & information provided has had, not only on me but my family and friends.

That said, I have to admit that on the day, just before the start of the course, I was sceptical! Of course I understood that the brain works on a programmable basis and is responsible for our attitudes & responses to life situations, having understood that, it follows that what has been learnt on a conscious or subconscious level can be changed or modified. However I was not prepared for the impact that the day was going to have on me personally.

I listened to your introduction, delivered with enthusiasm, sincerity, where you explained the principles & most importantly the simplicity & speed with which changes could be effected in the brain, it all seemed too good to be true…. Surely one day can’t change your life!

Having known you & your work far many years now, and knowing that you do not & never have recommended anything that you do not believe in or have not researched thoroughly, I put aside my “cynicism”.

Just as well I did. I consider myself to be a semi intelligent person, not given to “flights of fancy” or “pie in the sky” ideas but none the less open-minded.

The concept & explanations offered were so simple & straightforward that my mind was racing & actually looking for a more complicated structure to it all.

I know that is a contradiction in terms, but it illustrates perfectly part of my own “belief system” that “everything in life is complicated” & “nothing is easy”.

By the way after having digested the information and tried out the techniques taught, I no longer think that way, so one up straight away for Quantum Thinking.

On a very personal level, I have to say that, in common with most people in the world today, the general problems we encounter in life had taken its toll on me. My self-confidence & self-image had taken a real beating, particularly over the last ten years or so.

Ten years, that’s a long time to be unhappy, isn’t it?

Some examples: I constantly lived in the past, going over old ground & fretting over things that happened years ago.I kept looking for explanations as to why my life had taken “the wrong road” from an emotional point of view.

I wondered why I was not as productive & creative in the business world as I once had been.I had considered myself a failure in many areas of my life, although to everyone else I seemed happy, confident & capable.

I had put on a lot of weight through overindulging in the wrong foods & alcohol.I could go on, but you get the idea.When I started implementing the ideas you had recommended, it is true to say that my whole world changed.

Examples:I don’t live in the past, I live in the now. I still look at the past, but with a different attitude.I am virtually worry free, although the same problems exist, I don’t focus on the problem anymore, I focus on the solution.

My creativity has returned with a vengeance & I have recently finished writing a one-day course for Cabaret Performers. This I had been promising to do for months! This is due to my confidence & creative side returning.

As a result of an improved self-image I have changed my eating & drinking habits, take regular exercise & lost over a stone in weight (which incidentally takes to almost to the same weight I was in my early twenties, I am FIFTY ONE NOW!)

My confidence in my own abilities has returned & improved my business & therefore my income.

Mark, I could go on & on, but this illustrates some of the changes that modifying my thinking & “reprogramming” my brain has brought about.

I wholeheartedly believe that the Quantum Thinking Programme is so powerful that it is almost scary to see what can be achieved in a short space of time & indeed where it will lead me in the future. But it can only be for the good.

My home life & relationships have improved because I have changed… WOW So convinced am I of the effectiveness of this, I have passed on your course notes to family & friends who I felt would benefit from this. I told them only to read the material; I did not try to force my experiences on them as a way of justifying why they should read it.

As a result of this:Two of my relations who have suffered from long-term depression have managed to “step down” their medication.And a friend of mine who has a “constant & debilitating” fear of issues relating to his health has turned the corner & no longer carries this burden with him.This is just from reading the course notes! Think how much they could achieve with a session with you or attending the one-day seminar!I have already begun to research this whole subject thoroughly using your seminar & notes as my cornerstone.

It is my intention to try and bring this “concept” to as many people as possible, BECAUSE IT WORKS.

Once again Mark many thanks, these ideas should be taught in schools, the benefits to the individual & society in general would be immense.” - Peter Murray, Tuesday, 09 September 2008

Quantum Thinking In Tescos

More recently, between September 2020 to September 2022, I delivered a number of BTEC Level 3 Conflict Management Trainer Award Courses for Tescos.

Sixty-eight Tesco Managers attended the training overall.

As part of that training the morning session on Day 1 was a Quantum Thinking Session.

The following is the feedback from the training:

72.73% of those who attended the training found the ‘Quantum Thinking’ session to be the most popular (see image below):

The Conclusion

The Quantum Thinking training (sometimes headed Personal Change Management Training) that we have provided for a number of large organisations and individuals, based on the evidence submitted above, works. 

Therefore, this training provides an excellent return on investment – not only for the organisation – but also for the individual on a personal, relationship and professional level as shown by the evidence presented.If you would like to discuss the possibility of us running a course for you, please feel free to get in touch.

It may be the best thing you do for your staff this millenia!

See What Others Say About The Training .....

Having just participated in two wonderful days of learning ….I am more than happy to recommend attending a Quantum Thinking Event with Mark Dawes!

He is a gentle speaking and very wise man! Full of wonderful information that will at the very least…enhance your life…. but most probably change it for the better!!

It was a very relaxed atmosphere with a relatively small group of people….and l enjoyed being with like minded folk…There were guest speakers and some short videos to back up the science behind Quantum Thinking.

Mark made us all feel welcomed often chatting one to one when not giving his collective talks.

He is open to all questions ….and his answers are given with appreciation for your enquiries and given with precise and understandable explanations.

And if you don’t ‘get it’ at first.. ask again and again until you do!! He is a very patient man…

You will be amazed at what you will learn about your own thinking mind… and the skills and techniques that help you move forward in expanding your understanding of the vibrational world that we all live in.

All things, thoughts and feelings are vibrational… it is a magnanimous abundant network of ‘wavelengths’ that we see in the manifestations around us…and feel constantly in our emotions!

And from these vibrational thoughts and emotions… you will learn how to deliberately manifest your desires! You will become a student of …’becoming masterful’ …in creating a great future for yourself!Incredible and Magnificent!!

All the best

Helen 🤗X

I recently had the privilege of participating in an outstanding QT, Meditation and NLP training program, and I must say it exceeded all my expectations.

The training I attended was conducted by MARK DAWES highly reputable instructor that specializes in NLP research and applications.

The training program covered a wide array of QT,M and NLP topics, from the fundamentals to advanced techniques.

The curriculum was thoughtfully designed, beginning with an introduction to NLP concepts and gradually progressing to more complex subjects like neural networks, word embeddings, and language models.

The content was well-structured, ensuring that participants had a solid foundation before delving into more intricate aspects of NLP. Expert Instructors:

One of the standout features of this training was the quality of the instructors. They were not only knowledgeable but also excellent communicators. They possessed a deep understanding of NLP concepts and were able to convey this information in a clear and engaging manner. Moreover, they encouraged questions and fostered a collaborative learning environment, which greatly enhanced the overall experience.

Practical application is crucial in mastering NLP, and this training program recognized that. The hands-on sessions were a highlight, providing participants with the opportunity to work on real-world NLP projects.

We had access to NLP tools and the instructors guided us through various exercises, allowing us to apply what we had learned.

Another aspect I appreciated was the strong sense of community that this training fostered. We were encouraged to collaborate with fellow participants, which not only enriched the learning experience but also created opportunities for networking with like-minded professionals.

The training provided comprehensive resources and materials, including lecture notes, coding examples, and a library of NLP research papers. These resources proved invaluable for reviewing concepts after the training had concluded and for further deepening our knowledge.

Upon completion, participants were awarded a certification that is recognized within the industry. This added credential was a welcome addition to our portfolios, helping us stand out in the competitive job market.

In conclusion, this QT, M and NLP training program was an exceptional educational experience. Its well-structured curriculum, expert instructors, hands-on practice, focus on real-world projects, and strong sense of community made it a comprehensive and highly valuable journey into the world of NLP.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional looking to advance your skills, I wholeheartedly recommend this training program for anyone interested in NLP.

It's a fantastic investment in your career and personal development.

Samia Mahmood

Hi Mark ,

Again thank you for an inspiring weekend of Wisdom, Great insights and laughter!I really enjoyed it all.

Your way of teaching and explaining things is clear and easy to absorb.

To be honest I'd rather have not had the breaks and learnt even more! Lol

In the two days, it has given me a far greater knowledge and understanding of how our Quantum world, and Cosmos, works,and how we can interact and connect with it. It seems so obvious now.

Your course has inspired me to look further into my own path of Source /Spirituality too.

I have to say you have 're-energised' me to want to be a greater version of myself and,I now realise, we ARE all One, and connected.

Thank you Mark


Jason Taylor

I went to Mark’s 2 day course with my sister and 22 year old daughter and we all got so much from the event.

Mark is a wonderful teacher explaining ideas and concepts simply and with patience and humour.

You couldn’t help but me moved by the talk from Paul and how he had dealt with the considerable challenges that life had put in his path.

We learnt some valuable exercises and Mark was very generous in sharing all his material.

Some very valuable life lessons/skills were learnt.

Thank you Mark.